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About Hoofmaiden's Approach to Barefoot Hoofcare
At Hoofmaiden, we're not trying to turn your horse into a wild horse--he can actually be better than a wild horse!  Natural hoofcare at its best takes into account all aspects of what the horse is being asked to do--dressage, eventing, trail riding, or any other activity--while supporting and enhancing what Mother Nature provided the horse with in the first place.  The equine foot is a wonderful, even amazing, mechanism, and when allowed to function as intended, it really does WORK! 

Most problems horses experience with their feet are, honestly, caused by human interference.  We have compromised the foot's ability to function for so long that we do not even realize the extent to which we have done so.  Almost all so-called diseases of the foot, from laminitis and founder to navicular, can be traced to human actions.  Remove the shoes, correct the trim, and allow the horse to function normally, in 24/7 turnout with no or minimal grain, and the results can be amazing.  Read here about
hoof form and why it is so important to the horse's performance, health, and well-being.

I also trim
donkeys and mules (including minis and mammoths).  I love the Longears and appreciate their special needs.  Miniature horses are also some of my favorite clients!

Please take the time to look over the
links provided here, and read up on how the equine foot works and what a natural lifestyle entails.  Be sure to check out our FAQs page for answers to questions many people have about natural hoofcare.  And learn more about me at my bio page.

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