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Great Hoofcare Links
General Performance Barefoot Info: Your First Stops!
Equinextion. The website of Lisa Huhn, whose trimming method I follow most closely.
The Naked Hoof
Martha Olivo Standard Hoofcare
Barefoot for Soundness
Dr. Tomas Teskey:  The Unfettered Hoof: A paradigm change for equine podiatry
Navicular Syndrome and Barefoot
Treating Navicular Syndrome Without Horseshoes (great visual aids)
Dr. Tomas Teskey on Navicular Syndrome
Laminitis/Founder and Barefoot
Treating Founder (Chronic Laminitis) without Horseshoes
Barefoot Hoofcare Blog: Laminitis
Equine Laminitis Studies (really excellent discussion, by a vet, with great visual aids)
What causes Laminitis? (This is a pretty technical article, but interesting!
Paddock Paradise / Natural Lifestyle
Paddock Paradise
Jamie Jackson's Paddock Paradise book (creating the ultimate equine environment)
Paddock Paradise Wiki (Wonderful user-content-driven site with maps and photos of PPs all across the world.  Also has a discussion forum and information on "slow feeders" for dispensing hay more slowly and with less waste)
Blue Heron Farm/Hoofmaiden Blog (My own blog about my never-ending quest to provide as natural an environment as possible for my horses)
Tennessee Paddock Paradise Page (The page on Tennessee Paddock Paradise projects.  Get yours up and running and add info!)
Other Natural Lifestyle Links
Equinextion on the Natural Lifestyle
What is Natural Boarding?
Natural Boarding Links (List of facilities that offer more natural boarding in Middle Tennessee
Slow Feeders (Slow feeders dispense hay more slowly and with less waste, which is great not only for you but for your horse as well.  Insulin-resistant horses NEED these; others can benefit as well..  There should be several spread out over the track to encourage movement.  Lots of info here!))
Confusion about Carbs (why grain is not the best food for horses)
What's 'Sweet' in Sweet Feed? (the health hazards of grain)
What causes Laminitis? (This is a pretty technical article, but interesting!
Buckeye Nutrition's Grass Plus Minerals and an article about them.
Hoofmaiden Newsletter issue on Diet (PDFt)
More on Natural Horsecare
Natural Horse Resource (Fabulous resource for info on hoofcare, diet, etc.  They have an ongoing series on Paddock Paradise setups as well.
Area Equine Professionals/Supplies
Balanced in Motion Equine Sports Massage Therapy (Heike Feltzer, ESMT).
My horses recommend Heike personally!
Bonnie's Barnyard Feed Store (near Triune off 840).  Bonnie carries many items I recommend, including plain (no molasses) beet pulp, ground and whole flax, and timothy cubes.  I've never found anyone as willing to special order!  Email or phone:  615-395-7679.
Buckeye Nutrition (including Gro N' Win ration balancer and Grass Plus minerals and Harvest Salt.  Either the ration balancer OR the minerals and salt is all most horses need in addition to grass hay).  The dealer contact for the Middle TN area is Dee Plunkett
Jay Atwill (Equine Dentist).  The only dentist we ever use at Blue Heron Farm.
Products and Supplies
Nibble Nets (Excellent hay net for use as "slow feeders" (see link under Diet, above))
Renegade Hoof Boots (really great new boots with lots of options)
EasyCare Hoof Boots (including the Easyboot Bare)
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