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About the Hoofmaiden
Elizabeth TeSelle, EqAT, has been crazy about horses since she was first introduced to a pony at the age of two.  When she was still just as nuts about horses at age 40, her parents finally realized that it might not be "just a phase."

Elizabeth trains in dressage.  She dabbles in jumping and enjoys trail riding, but dressage has always been her first love.  Her draft cross mare Destiny, pictured at right, is her current primary mount.

After many years of assuming,as most people do, that most horses just "need" shoes, Elizabeth became interested in natural hoofcare when her wonderful thoroughbred,
Peregrine , was transitioning to barefoot. Thanks to Per, Elizabeth embarked on a journey from which she has never looked back.  

Elizabeth learned from several different barefoot trimmers (representing different methods, or styles, of barefoot trimming), but eventually settled on the
Equinextion method, pioneered by Lisa Huhn of Ontario, Canada.  After several years of trimming her own horses and those of friends, and after much study and assistance from Lisa and other mentors, Elizabeth began trimming horses, mules, and donkeys professionally in the Middle Tennessee area.

Elizabeth successfully completed the
Equinextion Trimmer Certification Program and is an EqAT (Equinextion Associate Trimmer).

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